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In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Why do we need to change our workstation?


Society is in the midst of changes in technology. The labor market, trade, quantum services

to them, are more and more competitive. Therefore, this forces us to change our working habits and optimize workspaces. This requires productivity gains and a reduction in costs, but must be accompanied by

increased well-being and health at work for employees.


Adapted workstations, appropriate meeting and discussion areas, quality acoustics and lighting are necessary to respond to this new organization of the office of tomorrow.


NMB design is at your service to help you in this process and thus help you to be on top of our challenges

of the 21st century.


Well-being at work is no longer a utopia, on the contrary it is at the heart of a company that evolves with the times,

and which takes care of its image, both internally and externally .


SOKOA's " Klik" : concept & design story

SOKOA, with whom we have been a partner for many years, was created in 1971 with a policy of sustainable-economic, social, environmental and societal development.

With this in mind and with their know-how, the "Klik" chair was born.

Original and elegant, the Klik range offers a family of chairs, stools and fireside chairs with wood or metal legs that can alone furnish the most refined office, cafeteria, restaurants and lounge spaces.

Succumb to the charm and universality of this chair and choose your personalized combination among its multiple materials and colors. Attached to the seat, the backrest provides a certain flexibility in the back support for optimal user comfort.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Watch the video of the new range of chairs from our partner SOKOA:

SNAKE de Diemme : concept & story design

Au fil des années, nous avons choisi de créer des postes de travail sûrs du point de vue de l'ergonomie, en accordant une grande attention à la « technologie du bien-être », qui se reflète aujourd'hui dans le choix de notre nouveau mécanisme synchronisé auto-régulateur.


Le mécanisme d’auto-réglage est une réelle valeur ajoutée pour nos clients. L'accessoire du mécanisme du siège, en effet, est capable de détecter indépendamment le poids de l'utilisateur et, par conséquent, d'ajuster l'intensité de l'oscillation du dossier. Le tout sans négliger le design.

SNAKE est un système 100% modulaire, avec un design fort, défini par la combinaison harmonieuse de lignes essentielles avec des formes courbes douces.

Combinez chacun de ses éléments pour créer de multiples configurations adaptées à tout espace de travail : du résidentiel au restaurant, des zones d'attente au bureau.

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